Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Monterey guitarist strums Mayor' ambitious development plans

After 54 years at the gateway to Downtown Monterey at 570 Munras, Safeway has lost its lease. Thanks to a group of forward thinking city planners and officials. Mayor Della Sala envisions Calle Principal (Calley P) to replace Alvarado Street as the gateway to Downtown Monterey.
Monterey's historic Downtown known as 'Old Monterey' will transition commercial & residential living as a mixed-use community. The Monterey Hotel & Rosine's (est. 1980 by the Culcasi family) restaurant were before their time but not enough to revive an already ailing Downtown, esp., after the recent fire. Osio Plaza with movie theaters, retail shops and restaurants are the latest wave to infuse a new "lets meet Downtown" attitude, missing for two decades. The Farmer's Market is not enough.
The new Downtown (Old Monterey) is led by The Osio Plaza as the first mixed-used community on the Peninsula. A walkable community where parking and walking to get to work or home is a pleasure.

Safeway is no more. Trader Joe's is now building on the former torn down 20,000 square-foot market that opened in 1951. Trader Joe's mixed-use project consists of retail shops on the bottom and condominiums on top. Safeway's lease, under $300.00 annually was the Peninsua's realestate's deal of a lifetime that will never be again.